Best Rate Transportation has been a leader in the trucking industry for a long time and is willing to share several tips to help you get better rates on your freight shipments.  Some of these tips can be very time consuming if you are new to the trucking industry—just remember,  our experts are always here to help.  We will do all the work for you while ensuring we get you a great rate on your shipments. Visit our Request a Quote page to receive a free, no-obligation quote.

In order to achieve the best possible freight rate, all of these tips should be taken into account each time a freight item is being transported.

Expand your Time Frame

Providing a longer time frame will allow you to find a better freight rate on your shipment as it gives the trucking company time to piece together the rest of their route (if you are shipping a partial load) or will allow them to find a return load from your drop off location. This will help reduce your cost as it will take the unknown factor out of the total shipment that transporters often price in.

The unknown factor is the part of the total route that is not booked yet. For example, if you have 12 feet of a trailer to ship, the trucking company may accept your freight and hope they will find another piece that is up to 36 feet long to fill the remaining area. Providing the trucking company with a longer delivery time increases the chances they will find another shipment and should be able to give you a more competitive freight rate.

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Check the Mileage

Knowing the miles from the pick-up location to your destination is important as it will give you a rough estimate of the costs associated with the freight shipment. Depending on the location and equipment being shipped, rates generally range from 2.00 to 4.00 a mile for a legal load. This will allow you to have a target price in mind before you start getting quotes. Once you have the total miles calculated, you can check our freight rate lists which can be found on our Freight Rates page.

Shop Around

Shopping the market and having competitors fight for your business is one of the best ways to ensure you are getting a good rate. This is where Best Rate Transportation comes in as we do all the work for you. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and have extensive knowledge and contacts to get your shipment done quickly and for the best rate.

One of the biggest parts of this is finding a carrier that will do a quality job as well as provide an acceptable freight quote. After all, getting the lowest possible rate isn’t a lot of good if your product arrives late or disappears all together. One key part that we always tell our customers to remember is that the trucking companies are out to turn a profit and always beating up on their rates will not be a good idea if you plan to use their trucking services again.

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Research the Market

Before you buy an item, get a quote! There are several reasons for getting a quote ahead of time other than knowing how much extra it will add to your purchase price. First, there are several routes throughout North America that are traveled more frequently than others. Buying from an area on a common route will allow for more competitive bids and will also ensure timely shipping.

The second reason is seasonal fluctuations. Winter is generally a slow time for most freight transporters and may allow you to get your freight moved cheaper as companies are slow. This is more true for open deck trucking companies as opposed to enclosed trailer companies. However if there is less freight moving to your pickup location it may work against you and make you pay more or wait longer to get your shipment done. Another thought to consider is foreign exchange rates. For example, the US to CAD dollar has been on a major increase lately and offering a discount at almost 40% for American clients purchasing items in Canada. This will also pay a role in freight rates as well as a Canadian company may be able to price the transportation costs much cheaper.

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Quick Pay

Have the cash to pay for your shipping up front? The trucking industry is becoming very costly to operate in, mostly due to diesel costs at near record high levels. Many trucking companies are turning to “factoring” in order to get prompt payment to continue operations. If you have the available cash you may be able to save as much as 5% off your shipping quote by paying in advance.

Hire a Freight Brokerage Company

A freight broker is a liaison between the customer and the trucking company. They coordinate a trucking company to transport your goods or equipment from one destination to another. A good freight broker will be able to get you better rates and provide better service than the customer will likely be able to from the trucking companies themselves.

The main reason behind this is industry knowledge, connections and using the above tips. These professionals generally have years of experience moving freight and will have lists of trucking companies that provide quality service and can offer the best rate from any given province, state or country. Best Rate Transportation takes this theory one step further with not only 20 years experience brokering freight, but also a contracted a fleet of over 85 transport trucks able to guarantee we can move your freight in a timely fashion and for the Best Rate on the market. Before choosing a freight broker such as Best Rate Transportation you should read “How to choose a quality freight broker” and “The Benefits a Freight Broker brings to the Trucking Industry.

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Let Best Rate Transportation Handle your Shipping Needs

These are just a few of the tactics that Best Rate Transportation uses to save you money. Give us a call or an email and we’re sure you’ll love working with us.

Let Best Rate Transportation Handle your Shipping Needs

These are just a few of the tactics that Best Rate Transportation uses to save you money. Give us a call or an email and we are sure you’ll love working with us.