FTL Shipping
(Full Truckload)

Full truckload or full trailer load (FTL) refers to when a single customer’s freight either fills the entire length of the trailer or the trailer’s weight capacity has been reached. FTL does cost more than LTL in total, however, with large loads FTL is more economical than LTL as you are paying a discounted rate for use of the entire trailer and the entire load will be loaded and unloaded at one location. FTL shipping is ideal for shipping multiple items to one location, heavy equipment shipping, moving large industrial goods, mass materials or just about anything that will occupy a trailer to its entirety. In some cases a freight load may pay an FTL rate when the trailer is not full. This generally occurs when the customers is time crunched to have the item(s) delivered and can’t wait for further LTL shipments to complete the load.

Shipments can be greater than the dimension and weight limits of a trailer, this is referred to as oversize loads. Read more on oversize loads on our Oversize Shipping page.

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Heavy Equipment
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Large Items
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Multiple Items
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Raw Materials

Everything in one shipment

FTL shipping makes shipping multiple items fast, easy and cost efficient. When booking a full trailer you are eliminating extra time needed to fill the remainder of the trailer, and creating a direct route between the pickup and drop off points with no added stops.

Benefits of FTL Shipping

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FTL shipping allows a direct route from the pickup to the drop off locations with no added stops. In comparison, LTL may require extra time to find and load extra items in the area to fill the remainder of the trailer.

If you have enough items, weight or size to fill the capacity of a trailer, FTL is a much more cost efficient method of shipping compared to moving the same shipment over multiple LTL loads.

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