Oversize Trucking

Oversize trucking refers to loads that are either overweight or over dimensions. Even though there are set limitations to what can be hauled traditionally, oversize equipment can still be hauled by obtaining oversize load permits and escorts (in some situations). Each state and province has their own regulations on oversize and overweight loads, and it’s best to contact us to know exactly what type of permits and/or escorts will be required for your shipment.

Best Rate Transportation has years of experience hauling oversize freight throughout North America within every continental province and state. We know the rules, regulations and the easiest routes to move oversize loads with the least amount of headaches.

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Heavy Equipment
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Farm Equipment
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Big moves, little worries

Don’t let size stop you from buying what you need—with the right help, oversize shipping can be a breeze. We’ll handle every step and permit along the way to make sure your oversize freight is handled safely, legally and efficiently.

Benefits of Oversize Shipping

Still open questions?

There are few limitations to what can and can’t be hauled with the applicable permits and escorts in place. From massive wind turbine sections to quarry excavation equipment, it can all be moved.

We move hundreds of oversize loads throughout North America every year. We know the processes, customs, permits and escorts that will be required to make your shipment work.

Our dispatchers have been in the trucking industry for over 20 years and have a network full of professional companies and owner-operators that have proven themselves to be safe and reliable time and time again. Don’t take the risk and liability of arranging freight yourself, we do this for a living and offer our expertise and years of industry experience for your disposal.

Safe & Secure

You benefit from our expertise and years of experience in the trucking industry. All of our loads are expertly loaded, secured and transported with safety in mind.

Fast Delivery

We work within your timelines. At any given moment, we have access to upwards of 100 trucks across Canada and the USA making pickups faster and easier than ever.

Informative Support

Wondering about the progress of your shipment? Call us anytime and we'll assist you with live updates on your shipment's whereabouts and ETA.