What is freight brokerage?

A freight broker is a third party in the shipping process that​ connects the freight shipper with a freight transporter. In many cases it will be a trucking company that will​ sub contract their excess freight to another trucking company in order to get the product delivered quicker. ​More commonly a freight broker will be a non-asset based freight brokerage company that was hired by the shipper to transport freight on their behalf. In this case the freight ​ broker hires the trucking company to pick up and deliver the freight to its destination. ​ A freight brokers duties may include: finding the best rate on a freight shipment, scheduling the ​ trucking company for pick up, handling customers paper work, scheduling delivery of freight shipments, ​ keeping customer updated.

A Freight Broker is required by law to have in place a 75k USD freight broker bond known as a BMC-84​ which is required by the FMSCA to help reduce fraud in the industry and insure the trucking companies ​ are compensated for their freight shipments. A reputable freight broker will also carry Liability and cargo​ insurance the same as a trucking company would.​

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The Customer Buys An Item

An item (equipment, supplies etc.) is purchased and the customer is in charge of shipping so they call us.

freight broker service
We get you a quote, time frame, etc.

We contact some of our contracted partners to get you a fast, accurate quote, a schedule and any other details you require.

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The Shipment is Booked

Once approved we arrange the entire shipment from start to finish. You never have to deal with anybody but us—we’ll handle everything on your behalf.

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Your shipment is delivered

We will be in touch with you every step of the way. On your delivery date your shipment will be unloaded and you continue business as usual.


Our non-asset based shipping network provides you with flexibility, improved service levels, accelerated delivery, reduced direct and indirect costs and much less complexity. Save yourself the headache on your next shipment, we do this everyday.

Benefits of a Freight Broker

Still open questions?

Exactly as the title states the main benefit of a freight broker is they should not cost you a penny more than if you try to transport the freight shipment yourself. In fact a good freight broker should save you money if they are used properly. A freight broker will save money on your shipment by using their large network of contacts to get competing bids for your freight.

Don’t waste your time having to call dozens of trucking companies trying to find someone to move your freight at a reasonable rate, and then having to arrange all of the paperwork, border clearances and other headaches yourself. We handle every step and provide all the necessary paperwork to complete your shipment.

Our freight brokerage network is full of professional companies and owner-operators that have proven themselves to be safe and reliable time and time again. Don’t take the risk and liability of arranging freight yourself, we do this for a living and offer our expertise and years of industry experience for your disposal.

Safe & Secure

You benefit from our expertise and years of experience in the trucking industry. All of our loads are expertly loaded, secured and transported with safety in mind.

Fast Delivery

We work within your timelines. At any given moment, we have access to upwards of 100 trucks across Canada and the USA making pickups faster and easier than ever.

Informative Support

Wondering about the progress of your shipment? Call us anytime and we'll assist you with live updates on your shipment's whereabouts and ETA.